Here is just a small sample of what our clients have said about us.

Robert, Bristol

Much has been written about the good, bad and the ugly of financial services companies and financial advisers. For many years, I had personal experience of the bad and ugly, fueled by commission, high charges and a lack of truthful service which left my pension fund in a despairing situation.

Then thankfully, I was introduced to the good of CBIM and their financial staff who have improved my circumstances and peace of mind by giving sound financial advice, demonstrating honesty, minimal charges, wise investment and regular, but controlled communication.

Richard, Gloucestershire

I have known Adrian for over 10 years. He has helped me understand my Pension portfolio and how appropriately to invest it so that it will work best for me in the future when needed.

Adrian has always given me sound, honest & impartial advice which has enabled me to make informed decisions. I receive regular communication that is understandable.

Adrian and his team have also been advising me on making Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney and other services that CBIM provide, this I am happy to do as I am confident in their integrity.

Barry, Berkhamsted

I have known Adrian for over eighteen years and he has, along with the team at CBIM, looked after my financial affairs.

They have provided both my wife and I with a quality service and regular communications on all aspects of change to legislation.

Their ability to explain matters clearly has and will always be a huge benefit and we have no hesitation in recommending Adrian and the team.

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